Landscaping & Horticulture


Selective Weed Killer, Highly Effective. Wipes out: Virginia buttonweed, wild strawberry, clover, dollar weed, dove grass, dallis grass, crab grass, basket grass.

This product is incredible, all organic and works much better than chemicals. Agralawn works very fast and kills the weeds completely. Safe to use on St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia and Centipede. Say Goodbye to those incredible troublesome weeds like Virginia Buttonweed, Dollar weed, Clover, Wild strawberry, Dallis grass, Crab grass, Basket grass, Dove weed, etc.

Agralawn is a combination of cinnamon, cumin, baking soda and yellow flower, that desiccates the weeds to oblivion, but not the turf grass. What you have is a selective, post-emergent that is a huge problem solver for our industry.

Application Rates:

  • 1 lb. per 100 sq.ft. Wet foliage first.
  • Do not apply irrigation for at least 12 hours

Sizes Available:

  • 2 lb.
  • Cs/12
  • 4 lb.
  • Cs/6
  • 50 lb.