Garlic Barrier

Pest Insect Repellent. 100% Garlic Oil with an EPA Number. Used by Professionals all Over the World.


Why Use Garlic Barrier? Garlic Barrier Effectively Repels:

  • Thrips
  • Mites
  • Aphids
  • Mosquitoes
  • Caterpillars
  • Snails
  • Whiteflies
  • Vampires

Regardless of your operation, it makes great sense to use Garlic Barrier!

  • Very effective pest insect repellent!
  • Very cheap to use ($25.00/Acre)!
  • Lasts 30-60 days!
  • Prevents damaging of plants and cost of applying insecticides!
  • Has an anti-fungal property!
  • Provides trace minerals!
  • Odorless in minutes!

Use For:

  • Greenhouse crops
  • Ornamentals
  • Trees
  • Bedding color
  • Agricultural crops

Start your spray program earlier, before the problem starts.
Be pro-active, rather than reactive.

Application Rates, Sizes:

  • 10:1 Concentrate
  • 10:1 Concentrate Qt
  • 10:1 Concentrate Cs/12
  • 100:1 Concentrate
  • 100:1 Concentrate Gallon
  • 100:1 Concentrate Cs/4

For Maximum Effectiveness to each Garlic Mix add:

  • SUPER SEAWEED MIX (1 oz.): restores plant health and has anti-insect, anti-fungal properties.
  • HORTICULTURE OIL (1 oz.): Spreader/sticker and has anti-insect, anti-fungal properties.

So there you have it! A great 1-2-3 punch to make your job much easier


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