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GeoPave Presto Payments

Reduce your site’s impervious surface, and reduce stormwater runoff with a stabilized aggregate porous pavement system
that supports traffic loading. The Presto GeoPave® system is an economical solution, delivering long-term stability of the aggregate surface while acting as a natural on-site stormwater retention system. Meet green building goals and earn LEED credits.

Stabilized Gravel Pavers

The Presto GeoPave® system gives you all of these benefits and long-term stability. This evolution in porous pavements stabilizes porous infill materials while acting as a natural on-site stormwater retention system. It’s an economical solution that can help you meet green building goals and earn LEED credits.

Structural Framework Stabilized Infill

GeoPave units hold open-graded aggregate in place through a unique herringbone cell pattern and monolithic mesh bottom. It’s a one-of-a-kind structural framework and the only pavement system specifically designed for containing and locking aggregate infill in place.

GeoPave® Features & Advantages

GeoPave paving units are designed for maximum load transfer and support, resistance to traffic stresses, maximum infill stabilization and stormwater storage.

  • Performs to an H-20 loading with minimal base.
  • Reduces overall installation costs by requiring far less depth of base than lighter-weight or rolled pavement systems.
  • Individual GeoPave units are sized for easy handling.
  • Structurally connects with strong U-CLIP devices, maximizing load distribution and forming required pavement size and layout.
  • Resists movement or breakage from vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads.
  • GeoPave Material: Recycled High-Density Polyethylene
  • GeoPave Unit Size: 20 in x 40 in x 2 in deep (.50 m x 1.0 m x 50 mm).