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GeoWeb Load Support System

Construct roads over soft soils where quality infill is inaccessible or too costly. Stabilize challenging soft soils where traditional reinforcement methods are ineffective, or require deeper, more costly base materials.

Economical 3D GeoCell Structure Stabilizes Infill Materials

The Presto Geoweb® Load Support System is a proven cost-effective solution for challenging soil stability problems. The Geoweb system is the original geocell system, economical and highly-effective for solving roadway, shoulder, parking, and yard surface problems.

Key GeoWeb Load Support Applications

  • Load Distribution System over weak soils.
  • Base Stabilization for paved surfaces.
  • Surface Stabilization for unpaved surfaces.

Benefits of the 3D GeoWeb Structure

  • Stabilizes infill material and controls shearing, lateral and vertical movement.
  • Increases the effective structural number, allowing fill requirements and costs to be cut in half.
  • May allow use of lower-quality, less costly on-site infill materials.
  • Creates a stiffened base layer, and the resulting increase in base strength can be used to reduce the pavement depth design up to 30%.