Landscaping & Horticulture

Kelp Meal 1-0-3

Every Horticulturist and Farmer should be using Kelp. Kelp contains a potent concentration of over 70 trace minerals, Amino Acids, Growth Stimulants, Carbohydrates and Vitamins.

Research and field trails have confirmed the role of Kelp in increased yields, larger root systems, drought resistance, frost protection and stress recovery. Excellent for all crops, plants and grasses. Provides food for microbes. Be sure to use Kelp at the recommended rates because Kelp is so potent. Use in conjunction with a regular fertilizer program.

Application Rates:

  • 5-15 lb. per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • 200-600 lb. per Acre

Sizes Available:

  • 50 lb.
  • Ton