Landscaping & Horticulture

Maximum Blooms 3-8-3

Maximum Bloom is ideal to use on anything that blooms Or buds. Maximum Blooms gives you results and nutrition that synthetic fertilizers simply cannot!

Maximum Blooms is another one of San Jacinto’s liquid fertilizer products that produces great results. Our secret is the careful blending of High Phosphate Fish, Cold-Processed Kelp, Humic Acid, Molasses, selected Plant Hormones and Plant Extracts.

Maximum Blooms, because of the ingredients used, gives you unparalleled plant nutrition and performance. With Maximum Blooms you get essential minerals including 3-8-3 N/P/K, Natural Sugars, Amino Acids, Enzymes, Plant Hormones, Vitamins, Natural Chelators, and Plant Stimulators. Maximum Blooms nutrition will cause your plants to set more blooms, produce bigger blooms and tighter bloom sets. For food production, you’ll see more blooms bear fruit production. Overall, your plant color is deeper, more radiant.

During times of stress, heat, cold, bloom set, etc., Maximum Blooms will give the plant the nutrition and hormones that it needs to keep on producing for you. As with all of our liquid organic fertilizers, continued use of Maximum Blooms will also reduce problems of pest insects and disease thereby making your operations more profitable.

Application Rates:

  • 2-4 Oz. Per Gallon Water
  • Spray Every 30-60 Days
  • Per 1,000 Sq. Ft.: 6-8 oz. mixed with sufficient water

Sizes Available:

  • 1 Quart
  • Case/12
  • 1 Gallon
  • Cs/4