Landscaping & Horticulture

MicroLife Amino Powered 6-2-6 WP

Unparalleled concentrated water soluble power nutrition. Whatever the crop MicroLife Amino Powered 6-2-6 will accelerate healthy crop growth. This is a most incredible powerhouse of nutrition. All plants and soils are bathed in total goodness.

We use advanced bio technology to extract nitrogen from plant and fish amino acids and combine them with micronized rock phosphate, Ecklonia Maxima kelp and potassium humates. To make this especially powerful we added extra measures of kelp and humates.

  • Accelerates plant growth & development.
  • Provides over 100+ minerals, natural plant hormones, & natural plant stimulators.
  • Inexpensive mineral rich Organic fertilizer.
  • Excellent for all plants.
  • Completely safe.
  • Enters the foliage quickly and will not burn.