Landscaping & Horticulture

MicroLife Organic Haymaker

We use a different approach than the traditionally used harsh chemical fertilizers. With MicroLife Organic Haymaker we use carbon, biology and minerals to grow healthy pastures and hay. This means all soils and grasses are improved and everything is safe.


MicroLife Organic Haymaker is comprised of: Quality Humates, Natural Sugars, Soft Rock Phosphate, Yucca Wetting Agent, Amino Acids and a Special Bio Inoculant Blend consisting of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Endo-Mycorrhizal Fungi, Mineral Solubilizing Bacteria and Growth Promoting Microbes. See The Spec Sheet

Even if you are not quite ready to completely abandon chemical fertilizers you should use MicroLife Organic Haymaker at least 1 times a year in lieu of 1 chemical application.


Pasture & Hay grasses: 5 lb per 1,000 sq ft; 220 lb per acre
Apply 1 – 3 a year.

Sizes Available:

50 lb • Ton