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Presto GeoTerra

GeoTerra® Construction Mats: Highly-effective, portable, & reusable. Construct access roads to oil and gas sites, utility transmission lines or wind farms over soft ground.

The durable, reusable system is easy to handle and transport to remote and difficult environments. Presto GeoTerra® mats offer contractors a better way to access sites with less cost.

GeoTerra Mats:

  • are flexible, durable and reusable.
  • eliminate the safety hazards and expense associated with classic timber or other heavier mat systems.
  • perform better than rigid mats over soft ground with lower CBRs.

Economical for Heavy Load Support

GeoTerra mats create an economical ground surface-reinforcement layer that supports vehicle and equipment loads. They can be disassembled, removed and reused several times, resulting in a low-life cycle cost.

High Strength, Flexible Layout Options

With a high crush strength, GeoTerra mats have the structural strength to support construction traffic or heavy equipment loads. They’re also light-weight, easy to transport, and “lock” together to form any layout requirement with the Padloc® device.