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Presto GeoWeb

The Presto GEOWEB® system is a proven solution to challenging erosion problems. The system provides a structurally-stable environment for infill and effective, long-term solution for controlling erosion on embankments.

Protection of Slopes & Shorelines

  • Delivers stability and long-term sustainability of embankment materials.
  • The 3D system confines and reinforces the upper soil layer to resist erosive conditions and sliding forces.
  • Confined infill allows slopes to be designed and constructed steeper than when unconfined, saving land costs.

Ideal for vegetation, permeable aggregate or hard-armored concrete.

Protection of Channels:

  • Stabilizes and protects channels exposed to erosive conditions of all types.
  • From low to high flows, intermittent or continuous, the system can be designed to withstand the highest velocities.

Combined with a TRM, the vegetated Geoweb system can withstand velocities as high as 30 ft/sec (9m/sec).* Replace costly and high-maintenance rip rap with more attractive stabilized vegetation in drainage ditches, swales and stormwater channels.
Geoweb/TRM Research Colorado State University

Confinement also reduces aggregate requirements**, allowing smaller, less-expensive aggregate. For higher volocities, concrete infill provides hard, durable protection.
Geoweb/Aggregate Research Colorado State University

Protection of Geomembranes:

Protect from Surface Scour

  • Protect against erosion caused by concentrated surface flow with the Presto GeoRunner Flow Protection mats.
  • Mats can be easily placed and anchored to minimize scour from concentrated flows in spillways and culvert outfalls, or from fluctuating water levels on shorelines or channel embankments.
  • Because they are light-weight and less-costly, contractors prefer them over concrete mat systems.