Landscaping & Horticulture

San Jacinto’s Power Gro 16-1-4

Turfgrass and Ornamental Fertilizer. Low Salt, 50% Slow Release, 2% Fe, 8% S and Micronutrients.

A high powered, well crafted, low salt, slow release fertilizer that pushes healthy growth in all turfgrasses and ornamentals. Very reasonable priced and formulated to our exacting specifications. Use Spring and Summer for St. Augustine and Bermuda turfgrasses and in fall for Winter ryegrass. Power Gro 16-1-4 gives great color to plants, is inexpensive to use and improves the soil with over 700 lb. of Houactinite per ton.

Application Rates:

  • 5,300-8,000 sq. ft. per 50 lb. Bag

Sizes Available:

  • 50 lb.
  • Ton