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Stop Roots from Destroying Property. Use to Protect: building foundations, swimming pools, building, sidewalks, driveways, utility lines, golf greens.

Protects Your Property for Decades! 15 Year Warranty!


Bio Barrier is a total root control product that will protect your property from damage by tree roots. On a specially designed geotextile fabric, time released capsules of Trifluralin are impregnated every inch on center. Trifluralin stops new cell division at the root tip.


The results — total stoppage of root growth without any damaging effect to the tree and complete protection for your properties.


Sizes Available:

19.5” x 20’ Roll

19.5” x 100’ Roll

24” x 100’ Roll

Special Order:

29” x 100’ Roll

39” x 100’ Roll

58.5” x 100’ Roll