Landscaping & Horticulture

MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5

Turfgrass, ornamentals, all organic, biological fertilizer. Based on the research of Dr. Roger Funk we have brought to market a ‘new’ type of Organic fertilizer using Nutralene as the only Nitrogen source.

Nutralene is not a true Organic but is consider a synthetic Organic because of its covalent carbon bond that benefits soil microbes. It is also 100% slow release. We then blend the Nutralene with lots of highly charged, quality Humates and clean Potassium Sulfate. As a natural extract we get 2.5% Sulfur, .96% Iron and 47 trace minerals.

MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5 does a tremendous job in feeding turf and improving the soil at an economical price. While not as inexpensive as the prevalent high salt chemical fertilizers frequently used it is much less expensive than a quality true Organic. This will open up opportunities for your clients that want to ‘Go Green’ but are watching costs.

Application Rates:

  • Turf & Ornamentals: 5–7 lb per 1,000 sq ft
  • Container top dress: 1 gal–1 oz, 5 gal–2 oz, 15 gal–5 oz

Sizes Available:

  • 20 lb
  • 50 lb
  • Ton