Landscaping & Horticulture

Ocean Harvest 4-2-3

Complete Plant Food and Biostimulant. All Natural. All Organic. Outstanding Performance For All Plants.

Ocean Harvest is a superbly blended liquid concentrate organic fertilizer that has been producing outstanding results for years. With just one application you will see a noticeable difference in 48 hours. It makes all plants more productive and drastically reduces problems. As with our Super Seaweed, maximum blooms and bio matrix we only use the finest quality, most potent natural ingredients. For example we only use fish hydrolsyate, Ecklonia Maxima Kelp, black strap Molasses and Emery Humic Acid. The result is a very effective liquid organic fertilizer.

Application Rates

  • For all crops: 1 to 2 oz. per Gallon of Water.
  • Foliar Spray or Soil Drench every 2-4 weeks.
  • One Gallon of Ocean Harvest will cover 14,000-21,000 sq.ft.

Sizes Available:

  • 1 Quart • Case/12
  • 1 Gallon • Cs/4
  • 55 gal drum