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Professional Grade Tree Watering Bags. Here’s a great way to save trees, save water and reduce labor costs, especially during the SUMMER!

Zippered closure for complete tree wrap around. Heavy-duty green reinforced vinyl. 4 holes: 2 front, 2 back. Treegator bags can be zipped together for large tree watering.

100% water absorption around the tree — no runoff! Each bag holds 20 gallons of water that slowly releases up to 16 hours. makes watering much more efficient. Saves incredible amount of labor. Dramatically reduces transplant shock. Reusable: 1-year Warranty.

  • Saves Trees: Deep water saturation helps reduce transplant shock and drought stress.
  • Saves Water: Eliminates water waste due to run-off and evaporation.
  • Saves Time: Install and fill in just minutes

Ideal for newly planted shade or street trees with trunks up to 4″ in diameter (Note: Zip 2 Treegator Original bags together back-to-back to water trees with trunks up” to 8″ in diameter)

Product Tip: Pour 6 ounces of Super Seaweed directly into the bag when watering. Repeat every 2-4 weeks to help with transplant and drought stress.

Sizes Available:

  • 20 Gallon Bag
  • Case/60